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Our mission is to provide culturally competent, community-based therapeutic services to children, adolescents and families to encourage and nurture social-emotional growth, promote healthy families, and support early intervention; building resiliency to give our children the greatest opportunities for success. 


Child-Centered.    Family Focused.    Quality.    Integrity.    Innovative.

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Assessment and 

Help begins with your first call to Bluegrass Behavioral Services for Children. One of our skilled clinicians will guide you through our assessment process, ensuring that your concerns are heard and that the unique challenges your child may be facing are addressed through an individualized treatment plan.

Intensive Therapeutic Services

When children struggle to succeed in a childcare, preschool or elementary school setting, our unique intensive therapeutic programs can provide daily treatment options for your child. Amazing changes happen every day for children in our programs!

Child and Family

A child's behavior and emotional challenges can have significant impacts on the entire family. Our intensive therapeutic services help to address not only these areas of difficulty, but works to help parents and siblings by providing support and education.

Children and Mental Health

Many people do not realize that children can struggle with their mental health. They sometimes face difficult issues like trauma or disrupted relationships.


Children may feel anxious, throw tantrums, have trouble with boundaries, display aggressive behavior or act irritable.

Parents who try to manage this behavior alone can become overwhelmed. Your child may need more care than you can provide. Bluegrass Behavioral Services can help.

Early intervention is important. Giving children the right tools helps guide them toward future success.

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We help children who exhibit mild to more severe problems. Some families need help with hyperactivity and attention, sensory disorders, anxiety, defiance or aggression. Others need help navigating concerns around separation or divorce.  Many children have been exposed to traumatic events such as witnessing domestic violence, sexual abuse, physical abuse, or the loss of a parent, caregiver, or sibling. Some families call with concerns that their child may be showing symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder.  And finally, children who are struggling to succeed in childcare or preschool are also appropriate for our Bluegrass Behavioral Services for Children. In general we like to tell parents, “If parenting feels more frustrating than pleasurable it’s time to get help.” 

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Now offering autism evaluations, ADHD evaluations and medication management!
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