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Intensive Day Treatment

Child psychologist and young kid with AD

Therapeutic Preschool

Children receive treatment for three hours each day, either in the mornings (8-11) or afternoons (1-4). Children are usually in treatment for an average of nine months to a year. Family therapy is provided to each child’s family in order to help the family understand and follow their child’s treatment plan and make changes at home that support what the child is learning in the Therapeutic Preschool Program. Frequent monitoring of the child’s progress at home and at BBSC is used to carefully track the child’s performance and make decisions about the length of a child’s treatment.

Our Therapeutic Preschool groups are led by highly skilled paraprofessionals who receive direct supervision from our licensed clinical staff.

Program staff is trained to help children:

  • Communicate feelings to develop emotion regulation skills

  • Gain control over their emotions

  • Learn to play successfully with others and develop age-appropriate play skills

  • Meet group expectations and learn to follow rules

Now offering autism evaluations, ADHD evaluations and medication management!
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