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I would like to introduce you to your newest local KY Licensed Behavioral Health Service Organization!  We are Bluegrass Behavioral Services for Children and we are located at 205 Champion Way, Suite 11, in Georgetown.  After nearly 15 years in the childcare industry, my heart has broken over the children who have crossed my path that have been dismissed from childcare due to behavior issues.  I knew it was not the answer but was limited by the resources I could provide in that environment.  These children often bounce from childcare facility to childcare facility until making it into the public-school system where they are finally met with some support for their behavior or social-emotional delays.  While it is wonderful that the school systems can usually offer support and intervention of some nature, I believe we are missing the greatest opportunity for treatment and growth.

During my master's program, I gave life to a dream.  The vision that children struggling with social-emotional delays and other mental health alterations were met where they were, and when they were the most impressionable.  A place where difficult children no longer fell through the cracks and early intervention capitalized on their years of greatest potential for change.  A place that lightened the burden of raising challenging children and facilitated peace and love within families.  That vision gave birth to Bluegrass Behavioral Services for Children.

Our mission is to accomplish this through our experienced therapists and highly skilled paraprofessionals.  We offer a day treatment program that addresses multiple concerns.  We help children who exhibit anywhere from mild to more severe problems. Some families need help with hyperactivity and attention, sensory disorders, anxiety, defiance or aggression. Others need help navigating concerns around separation or divorce.  Many children have been exposed to traumatic events such as witnessing domestic violence, sexual abuse, physical abuse, or the loss of a parent, caregiver, or sibling. Children who are struggling to succeed in childcare or preschool are also appropriate for our Bluegrass Behavioral Services for Children. In general, we like to tell parents, “If parenting feels more frustrating than pleasurable it’s time to get help.” 

May your joy be full,

Jaime Gilbert 


Executive Director

Now offering autism evaluations, ADHD evaluations and medication management!
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